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Web Affiliate

Affiliate Web design package

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a smart e-commerce system where salesman can sell a lot of products and promote thier brand name to customers extensively through collaborators on system. Collaborators are paid Commission for any Affiliate-applied Product sold successfully. This is a great solution for both salesman and collaborators.

Thiết kế web affiliate

Web Affiliate System is a great solution for company to make sustaninable stable revenue.

Main functions of Affiliate Marketing system

1. For Admins

1.1 Manage system content

  • Manage web content
  • Create news category
  • Remove news category
  • Edit news category
  • Add a new post in categories
  • Remove posts in categories
  • Update the information of post
  • Automatically paging if the content of the post is too long.

1.2 Manage products

  • Create products category
  • Remove products category
  • Edit products category
  • Add new products in category
  • Remove products out of the category
  • Re-update information of products
  • Automatically paging if the products list in category is too many

1.3 Manage Affiliate

  • Configure Commission rate that Affiliate receives for each product sold successfully.
  • Add Affiliate
  • Correct Affiliate profile if the information is incorrect
  • Remove Affiliate Account

1.4 Manage Commission for Affiliate

  • Manage monthly sales of Affiliate
  • Commission Affiliates receive every month
  • Edit order status of Affiliate (Yes or No)


2. Functions for Affiliate (Collaborators)

  • Log in with Affiliate account
  • Choose suitable products, then share them on social networks, forums, blogs, personal websites, or introduce them to friends or relatives. 
  • Check orders sold successfully on system. The system automatically records orders affiliate sold sucssessfully. 
  • Check paid Commission Amount every month and see whether the commission status is paid or not each month.


3. Features: Support Marketing for system

  • SEO onpage (Features: Support Marketing for system): Support Marketing and help search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on easily seach information on system.
  • Create xml sitemap for web
  • Url friendly
  • Optimize tabs such as Anchor, Text, Meta Tags, Alt Text, Keyword tags and so on.
  • Intergrate social buttons such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on in order easily to share products on social networks; promote products to customers extensively.

Web affiliate là một giải pháp kinh doanh thông minh cho doanh nghiệp

Web affiliate is a smart business solution for companies

Smart people always find the best and the most successful way to do. This is absolutely a terrific solution for companies to promote their products to customers the less costly.

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