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VPS Service


VPS server is a server which is set up by cloud computing technology.

Good point of VPS server: Flexible to adjust RAM configuration, CPU configuration, and add HDD immediately, which helps upgrading VPS server becomes more simple and easy.

Creating, backuping and restoring VPS server quickly is a good point which we cannot see in regular servers

VPS Pro use the most modernest technology from Intel, DELL.

Control Panel (Hosting Admin) Plesk 9.x on Windows, Kloxo on Linux

Give the administrator/root

Reboot online for VPS via website/sms (only offer for P.A Vietnam Ltd.)

VPS Pro uses storage technology Raid 10 SSD (hard drive) which is considered as the globally fastest storage technology.

The best storage technology SAS

Guarantee to use RAM of VPS, 100% physical RAM, absolutely do not use HDD as virtual RAM as elsewhere.

VPS Lite

CPU: 1-core-of-E5500


RAM: 512MB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

500.000đ x 01 month

475.000đ x 03 months

450.000đ x 06 months

299.000đ x 12 months

x 24 months

VPS Cheap

CPU: Dual-core-of-E5500/E5600

HDD: 50GB [SAS 15K rpm]

RAM: 512MB + 512MB free

Bandwidth: Unlimited

695.000đ x 01 month

595.000đ x 03 months

565.000đ x 06 months

410.000đ x 12 months

x 24 months

VPS Individual

CPU: Dual-core-of-E5500/E5600

HDD: 80GB [SAS 15K rpm]

RAM: 768MB + 512MB free

Bandwidth: Unlimited

910.000đ x 01 month

810.000đ x 03 months

720.000đ x 06 months

499.000đ x 12 months

x 24 months


CPU: Intel XEON E5500/E5600

HDD: 120GB [SAS 15K rpm]

RAM: 1.5GB + 512MB free

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Free Direct Admin for 1 year registration

1.045.000đ x 01 month

945.000đ x 03 months

845.000đ x 06 months

745.000đ x 12 months

x 24 months


CPU: Intel XEON E5620/E5-2620

HDD: 160GB [SAS 15K rpm]

RAM: 2GB + 512MB free

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Free Direct Admin if registered for at least 1 year

1.200.000đ x 01 month

1.100.000đ x 03 months

1.045.000đ x 06 months

945.000đ x 12 months

x 24 months


CPU: Intel XEON E5620/E5-2620

HDD: 200GB [SAS 15K rpm]

RAM: 3GB + 2G free

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Free Direct Admin if registered for at least 1 year

 1.423.000đ x 01 month

1.323.000đ x 03 months

1.260.000đ x 06 months

1.200.000đ x 12 months

x 24 months


CPU: Intel XEON E5620/E5-2620

HDD: 250GB [SAS 15K rpm]

RAM: 4GB + 2GB free

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Free Direct Admin if registered for at least 1 year

1.750.000đ x 01 month

1.663.000đ x 03 months

1.628.000đ x 06 months

1.575.000đ x 12 months

x 24 tháng




VPS server is best suitable for average and small-sized companies. Based on this server, you can use the remote management for your website by your own and install softwares without limiting number of users. Companies can use VPS server to build up Mail server, web server, Backup/ Storage Server and so on. by their own or transmit database among branches esily, quickly, conveniently and safely.

Server Features

General information for VPS packages

Server location


Server provider

Siêu Thị Máy Chủ, Máy Chủ P.A Vietnam, Máy Chủ Dell, Server Dell, Máy Chủ Intel, Server Intel, Máy Chủ Cisco, Server Cisco, Máy Chủ IBM, Server IBM
Siêu Siêu Nhỏ

CPU Intel®  is for very strong server

If you choose VPS server, you should know clearly how server Master is configured to understand its real performance.

Please visit performance evaluation result for CPU provided by International IT community at

Number of domain hosted

No limit

Operating system

Windows Server & CentOS

Free for hosting control panel

Plesk 9.x / Helm 4 for Windows 2003 Standard: Auto installed  DNS, IIS6, MySQL, PHP, MSSQL, Mailserver 
Kloxo CentOs 5.x: Aoto-installed  Apache 2.2, PHP5, DNS, MySQL, Mailserver,

Multi Cache 3.1 Free

Upgrade CPU performance 200% (for package registered with server management service is configured and optimized httpd and mysql in order to offer best efficiency for VPS)

Storage technology

RAID 10 , uptime 99%

RAM technology for VPS

Use real RAM (Do not use HDD as RAM) and set real capacity directly to VPS server, do not share it with other VPS in order to get the highest  speed.

Domestic Gate


International Gate



1 IP Address

Support Help Desk / Phone


Free for Server Start-up


Completed management right


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