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Social network Website Design

Social network Website Design

Internet is a global outbreak. Therefore, social networks such as Facebook, Google +, Zing me and so on. have gradually become familiar with users. They use it daily, even hourly.

We may have to supprise at following statistics:

- According to VNPT’s data: Number of Internet Users in Vietnam is 32.6 million people, increases 18.2 % over 2010. As expected, the number of Internet users in Vietnam is increasing 58 million people in 2016.

- According to Ho Chi Minh Computer Association, Ministry of Information and Communications, till August 2013 Viet Nam has 19.6 million facebookers. And 90% of Internet users in Vietnam often log in social networks.

- According to Google’s, Vietnam has 17 million smartphone users: Google has released a survey data for behaviours of smartphone users in Viet Nam which shows that behaviours of users are changing, therefore, companies have to change accordingly.

Collected information

These figures have increased at the breakneck speed, in which Facebook is a very remarkable network. We can say humorously: “Everyone uses facebook, every family use facebook, including young kids to adults”. Why do they log in Facebook? They log in Facebook to make friends, chat, shop, join groups and like fanpages that they find helpful for them.

What can you see from these figures and habits? If you are a visionary, you can see a great chance to promote your services and products on this channel. This will bring your company very huge revenue.

You are intending to design a social network web for your company/ shop or an internal website to purchase, audit products and exchanges services in network or promote products and so on.

Acknowledging your demands, with our experienced staff, we help you develop a social network web with interesting features to attract users, help you fully exploit customers source on social network, develop your own business ideas on internet.

thiết kế web mạng xã hội


Functions for social networks web

  • Applications
  • Create Page and group
  • New Feeds
  • Mobile interface
  • Privacy
  • Browse page with Ajax 
  • Content Admin
  • Currency 
  • Scalability based on module system
  • Theme
  • System Setting
  • Advertising strategy
  • Groups
  • Blogs
  • Photos
  • Attachments
  • Forum
  • Comments
  • Chat
  • Editor for visionary contents
  • Friends
  • SMS
  • Videos
  • Quizz
  • Events
  • Music
  • Ads
  • Security
  • Register
  • Add data fields
  • Multi- language
  • Share
  • Members profile
  • Instant messages

Award for people foreseeing future trends is always great. To act as a pioneer for new ideas and master technology helps you become the leader in business revenue.



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