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Online sales website

Billgate’s successful business perspective for future is “In the next 5 to 10 years, if you do not do business on internet, you should not do business any more”. Bill Gate billionaire said it in 2006 and it is accuratly proven true. Approaching applications for life in Vietnam is quite late compared with other countries in the world. However, at present it is not very difficult for you to see that small medium big-sized companies with visionary strategy build up their own business system on internet. Imagine a prospect in which you will be left far beyond your competitors regarding brand name and sales as well because they have catched trends of time, how regretful you are.

We may have to supprise at following statistics:

- According to VNPT: Number of Internet Users in Vietnam is 32.6 million people, increases 18.2 % over 2010. As estimated, the number of Internet users in Vietnam is increasing 58 million people in 2016.

- According to Ho Chi Minh Computer Association, Ministry of Information and Communications, till August 2013 Viet Nam has 19.6 million facebookers. And 90% of Internet users in Vietnam often log in social networks.

- According to Google’s, Vietnam has 17 million smartphone users: Google has released a survey data for behaviours of smartphone users in Viet Nam which shows that behaviours of users are changing, therefore, companies have to change accordingly.

Information collected

These are more than impressive figures indeed. If you are a strategical visionary, you can see a very potential business market for your company. These figures are still increasing at a breakneck speed in future.

Catching future trends to do business is a successful key for companies, in which IT is an indispensibly essitial part.

Online sales website

LKV Solutions offer you a sales online package which is absolutely flexible and efficient. 

Main functions of Online sales website

Module Logo   Help webmasters change logos easily and we provide you with image sizes and image formats in png, jpg, gif.
Module product  

- Display products by category. Eg. Laptop Aus, Laptop Acer, Adidas shoes
- Display the newest products in system
- Display products highlights on system, custom display order of products
- Display best-buy products on system
- Display promotional products
- Display modules flexible for each position in website

Module cart  

- Add products in Cart
- Remove products in cart
- Add products in cart
- Flexible payment method: In cash on delivery, Payment online via paypan, onepage, baokim, ngan luong,...

Module search  

Help web users search products quickly:
- Search by name of products
- Search by Price of products
- Search products by category

Module job recruiment   With this module, your company can update many vacancies
Module Menu   Module menu helps web users access products category, products details. Module menu is designed in many levels.
Module contact   We offer basic information to help your customers easily contact you and the information will be sent directly to your compay.
Module helps   Help your company chat to your customers online via yahoo, skype and so on. This is a very costly convenient method for your staff to support your customers
Module Banner   With Module banner, webmaster can add advertising banner, promotional banners, events banners and so on to make your website more interesting
Module slideshow   With module slideshow to display photo effects, your company can display event photos, promotional photos and so on. We have programmed on mobile devices such as iOS (Iphone, Ipad), WINDOWS PHONE, ANDROID.
Module news   News/ promotional news is devided into many newsgroups, each newsgroup contains many posts. Help webmasters easily to manage the website. All information contains meta tab which helps SEO increase search the information. 
Tool counter   We instruct your company how to use google analytic tool. Your company can identify traffic from regions, nations and keywords to draw out business strategy efficiently.

Thiết kế web bán hàng để thành công

Sales online website package offered by LKV Solutions is optimized SEO, friendly to search engines, helps products and information easily to be searched by Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. This helps companies have a big potential customer source and get outstanding stable sales.

Backend of MLM website is flexible and easy to use. LKV Solutions will train and instruct your company in order that you can run the system successfully.

Those above mentioned functions are key ones in sales online website package. However, it depends on your company’s detailed demands; LKV Solutions will adjust or change how to satisfy your demands. Please contact us whenever you need.

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