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Optimize website landing speed

Speeding up web loading

You are doing business by e-commerce website, or you own a website to introduce your company and services, or you have a news website, or it is just your private blog. You find web loading speed is too slow. You asked “Why is web loading speed too slow? How to improve it? How to speed up web loading? How is that web loading speed affects SEO solved?, etc.. Those are typical questions from our customers.

Tốc độ website

We provide you with reasons and solutions to speed up your website. We will reply all your questions within 24 hours.

Reasons affects website loading speed

- Image zise is too large compared with users’ so it takes longer to load page.
- Code css and js in excess, write code with many files css and js. Css use a lot of images as background
- Do not gzip source code on transmission data to viewers on internet
- Coder do not clear notes on buiding up website
- Low-quality Hosting service: Large customers but low serve configuration, poor security, long geographical distance, and so on
- Administrators copy sources such as newspapers, forums and so on., which are not re-processed, cause codes the system does not support.
- The number of customers accessing the website is big while hosting serve is not upgrated proportionably.
- Use webservice from the third party or you use too many ads
- Hackers add codes to steal users’ information or excute commands to crash the system
- Use many files in flash which affect processing procedure of web

According to preliminary statistics, reasons caused website loading speed LKV Solutions find out as follows:

- More than 70% is from website providers because they do not optimize website before it is handovered.
- 20% is from Hosting provider who do not optimize and hosting quality is not guaranteed.
- 10% is from website administrators who do not understand system.
Overall solutions to accelerate website:
- Use a special code to scan provider’s source code
- Optimize Code css, js and html so as to solve these issues
- Configure to resire images in the viewers’ size
- Gzip source doce on transmission of data
- Advise customers to upgrade hosting serve if neccessary
- Instruct admistrators how to speed up website
- Create caching for website from users and workstation.
Note: It depends on case by case we sugguest different solutions. We guarantee the slowest loading page Speed is not over 5s.

Before and after using website loading speed-up service: To be updated
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