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MLM Web design

Statistics interesting for those doing business online:

- At present , according to VNPT's statistics : The number of internet users in Vietnam is 32.6 million, increases 18.2 % over 2010. As estimated, the number of internet users in Vietnam will go up to 58 million in 2016.

- According to the HCM City Computer Association, Ministry of Information and Communications, as of August 2013 there were 19.6 million users of Facebook in Viet Nam. And up to 90 % of the Internet users here often access to social networking sites.

- According to Google's,  17 million Vietnamese people are using smartphones: Google have recently announced a survey data about smartphone users’ behavior in Vietnam, where consumers’ behavior is changing, therefore company also needs to change accordingly.

Information collected

These figures are more than impressive. If you are a strategic visionary, you will see it a very potential market for your business. These figures are still increasing at a breakneck speed in future. 

Catching future trends is the key for companies to do business successfully, in which IT is an inevitably indispensable part. 

Tận dụng được cộng đồng và CNTT khi sử dụng website bán hàng đa cấp kinh doanh

Why we should apply MLM website to do business?

- Build up a large business community, do not do business alone, make huge profits

- Clear Commission policies stimulate sales employees to do their jobs 

- Automatically pay Commission for members, do not spend much time on costly complex management process while the accuracy is not really high. 

- To be a millionaire if you can develop business well from your system

- To leverage the power of IT to apply for business services

- To leverage above mentioned oniline customers to do business

- Co-work to get expected income for yourselves

- The longer you do business, the more property you own. This property is not lost when you stop working.

- Do anywhere you want, unlimited geographical regions

- Do whenever you want, unlimited time

- And so on .

Products can be applied for MLM website model

- Fashionable products

- Technology products

- Consumer goods (rice, cosmetics, functional food)

- Life insurance 

- ...

Website bán hàng đa cấp giúp bạn kinh doanh một cách linh hoạt

LKV Solution offers you MLM website design which is flexible and effective:

Functions of MLM website

Module Logo   Help sales webmaster change shop logo easily and we provide image sizes and formats in png, jpg and gif
Module Products  

- Display a list of products by type, actively add or remove products category

- Displays List of the most recent products

- Display a list of featured products in the system, easily custom display orders of the product

- Display list of promotion products

- Display module flexible for each position in website

Module Search Product  

- Help web users find out information quickly

- Search by product name

- Search by product price

- Search by product category

- ...

Module Membership  

For members

- Register with member-sponsored code in web

- Members can access orders list

- Members can check Commission on Website

- Access F-1 members list

- ...

Module Jobs Recruitment   With this module administrators can update employments information quickly to applicants
Module Menu   Module Menu helps website visitors access to product category, product details. The menu is designed in many levels.
Module Contact  

Form Contact helps customers send their inquiries to managing board easily

This email is able to be changed by managing board

Module helps  

Help Customers directly chat to sales employees via yahoo, skype and so on. This is a very effective and costly method for employees and customers to chat together.

Integrated by the modern software of customer care, helps system owners manage their customers easily. For more details of its functions, please visit: 



Module banner   With this banner, administrators are able to add advertising banners, promotional banners, events and so on … to make the website more interesting.
Module slideshow   With module slideshow for demonstrating photo effects, companies can demonstrate event photos, promotional photos and so on. We have programmed for them to be applied for mobile devices such as: iOS(Iphone, Ipad), WINDOWS PHONE, ANDROID.
Module news   The publication of news website or promotional information is divided into many newsgroups, each of which is divided into many posts. Facilitate webmasters in web management. All information can contain meta in order that search engines like google, yahoo and so on. may find the content easily.
Tool website   We instruct you how to use google analytics tool. You can identify traffic from regions, nations and keyword users. From that you may draw out the best business strategy. 
Module mobile  

Websites are best applied for

- PC 

- Laptop 

- Smartphone 

- Tablet 

The system can automatically identify accessed devices to run compatible with each device.

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) highly appreciate integrated websites for mobile phones.

Module SEO  

- Create dynamic xml sitemap for web

- Url friendly

- Optimize tabs such as; Anchor Text, Meta, Tags, Alt Text, Key tags and so on

- Optimize html and javascript codes in order to speed up loading system to give best service for search engines.

- Create social button to easily share information to social networks for marketing 

- Create Goodle Analytics for web

-Create Google Webmaster tools

- Submit sitemap to Google

- Create business address in Google map

ML management software at company for MLM website 

  • Management function for Management Board
  • Manage memberships
  • Manage sales for members
  • Manage members’ commission
  • Manage software

Good points of ML management software at company

  • Manage staff for customer services effectively (These staff are created accounts to assist customers by management board)
  • Speedy
  • Good system security

Website bán hàng đa cấp giúp người có tầm nhìn xa có được thành công lớn

MLM website is suitable for visionary companies and helps them save cost and manage sales employees flexibly.

MLM website package offered by LKV Solutions is optimized SEO, friendly to search engines, helps products and information easily to be searched by Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. This helps companies have a big potential customer source and get outstanding stable sales. 

Backend of MLM website is flexible and easy to use. LKV Solutions will train and instruct your company in order that you can manage the system successfully. 

Those above mentioned functions are key ones in MLM website package. However, it depends on your company’s detailed demands; LKV Solutions will adjust or change how to satisfy your demands. Please contact us whenever you need.

These figures are more than impressive. If you are a strategic visionary, you will see it a very potential market for your business. These figures are still increasing at a breakneck speed in future. 

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