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Mobile application

Programming Mobile Applications

What is mobile application?

You are a customer. You sugguest us programme you a software to do some certain tasks (Reading news, Purchasing, GPS Locating and so on.) to operate on smart phones (Anroid, IOS, windows Phone, Blacberry and so on), which is called Mobile Application.

There are a lot of mobile applications you can see at current:

  • App for reading news
  • App for Purchsing online
  • App for Employment management (Timekeeping, task delivery, Progress of staff)
  • App for Maintain motorbikes, find a gas station to refuel.
  • Ap for Medical check for Heart health
  • ...

Ứng dụng di động


Why Mobile Application?

According to “We Are Social” in Viet Nam market, these figures help you have a general view on the very potential smartphone market.

Statistics on using smartphone in Viet Nam as follows:

Percentage of smartphone used over total pupolation is 20%

Using smartphone for search information (97%)

Using smartphone for searching products (95%)

Using smartphone to purchase and make payment (60%)

In order to know more, you can visit in details at Thời của ứng dụng di động

Giá trị doanh nghiệp đạt được khi viết ứng dụng di động

Benefits Company can receive from programming mobile applications

  • Take a right trend: Smartphone is an essential trend. PC and Laptop are gradually taken over by convenient and small smart phones. Therefore, programming mobile applications is a smart choice.
  • Elevate value of brand name to help your company win the biggest and the most fastidious customers. Your brand name is memorized by customers.
  • Passively advertise to customers: Auto-Notify sent to customers when your company have promotions, introduce new products or services.
  • Famous: Your company becomes extremely famous (not only in Viet Nam but also in the world) if your ideas on programming mobile app is good and affect customers strongly.
  • Increase sales: Your products and services are good-qualitied, information of your product and service is sent to customers quickly and professionally, increasing sales is absolutely seen.
  • ...


LKV Solutions offer you with following package of Mobile Applications:

  • Counselin on programming mobile app
  • Design mobile graphic with beautiful and morern interface
  • Prorgamming Android
  • Programming IOS
  • Programming Windows Phone
  • Programming Blacberry
  • Programming Mobile App on other foundations

LKV Solutions always hope to receive your comments on our services to offer our valued customers perfect services. Please contact us immediately in order that we can make your ideas become mobile apps to support your succeed in this potential mobile market.

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