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Programing IOS Applications

We should have a general view on IOS Operating system. What is IOS Operating system?

Hệ điều hành IOS

- IOS is Operating system on Apple mobiles. At first, this system was only applied for iPhone (Called iPhone OS), then it is also applied for Apple devices such as iPod touch, Ipad and Apple TV. On May 31st, 2011, App Store with 500,000 Applications for iOS was downloaded 15 billion times. In Term 4/2010, 26% Smartphone were run by iOS operating system, followed by Android of Goodle and Symbian of Nokia.

- Interface of IOS is based on manual touch. Users can use this operating system by using hand touching screen of Apple devices.

- The last version of IOS was 8.0 on September 18th, 2014, was used for all devices from iPhone 4s, iPod5, iPad 2 and above.

Source from Wikipedia

Why company should program IOS Application?

Take a right trend to program IOS App: Smartphone and mobile devices are popular trends.

  • Android takes a big smartphone market (Aroung 11.7% Smartphone market according to survey conducted by IDC in Term 3/2014)
  • Programing IOS App helps customers use and access your products even without Internet connection. Customers absolutely reserve rights to learn about your company’s information, services and products to order and contact your company if necessary. 
  • No need complexed web browers
  • The Application sent auto-notify to users’ mobile screen when your company has new products, services or promotion or updated information. High efficiency in marketing to customers.
  • High Usability, improve cusomers’ respect and belief in your company services and products
  • The best way to promote your company’s information, services and products to customers. Interest potential customers. 
  • Most of your customers are the rich (Customers have a lot of money)
  • Increase merchanability, IOS App helps your company develop sales in the period of fierce competitiveness among companies.

You should take a decision right now to become a leader to discover this very potential market. With using smartphone as daily habit, Prorgaming IOS Application helps your company discover and contact customers in the most cleverly and smartly.

ứng dụng IOS giúp doanh nghiệp thành công

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