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Android application

Programming Android App

According to Google’s statistics

In Term 4/ 2013, there were 315 million Adroid Phones sold out.

Năm In 2014, there were 1 billion people using Anroid phones

Quý 4/2013 năm ngoái đã có 315 triệu điện thoại Android được bán ra


1 tỷ người sử dụng Android

Hiện tại đã có tới 1 tỷ người sử dụng Android


Nền tảng ứng dụng của Google, cửa hàng Google Play Store ghi nhận mức tăng trưởng khổng lồ tới 236% trong số ứng dụng cài đặt so với năm ngoái.

Google Play Store ghi nhận mức tăng trưởng khổng lồ tới 236%

Google Application Foundation, Google Play Store recorded the huge increase in app installed up to 236% over last year.

Google Play Store recorded the huge increase up to 236%

Pichai (Vice Chairman of Android, Google) shew an interesting statistics about what Android users do with their phones

1 billion Adroid users accopanying their phones

Users take 93 million “selfie photos” on the way.

From the above statistics, what can we see?

  • Everyone uses smartphone, every family use smartphone, children and adults use smartphone.
  • Smartphone become an essential part of each person. Most of the users use smartphone in their daily lives (go out, at home, in the cinemas, café shop, and so on)
  • A general trend of time, PC and laptop will be replaced or used less.
  • Start for application developed; Is a potential market for company to develop and win their own customers. Smartphones are definitely covered on all fields, affect strongly to all industries (e.g: Health care, medicine, beauty, constructions and so on)


Ứng dụng Android giúp doanh nghiệp dẫn đầu và kinh doanh hiệu quả

Android Applications help company become leader and do business successfully

How does Programming Android App affect business efficiency of your company?

  • Your company takes a right trend to programme Android App: Smartphone and mobile devices are popular trends. 
  • Market of Android users is huge. Because of new market and a few competitors, your company has a lot of chances to interest customers, and it is your opportunity to broaden market to customers. 
  • The best way to promote your company’s information, services and products to customers. Interest potential customers. 
  • Increase merchantability and help your company develop sales
  • Programing Android App helps customers use and access your products even without Internet connection. Customers absolutely reserve rights to learn about your company’s information, services and products to order and contact your company if necessary. 
  • No need complexed web browers
  • High Usability, improve cusomers’ respect and belief in your company services and products
  • The Application sent auto-notify to users’ mobile screen when your company has new products, services or promotion or updated information. High efficiency in marketing to customers.

Mobile App has been a very useful marketing tool. Let’s programme Android App for your company today. Let us help you interest customers in a very new method, which is inevitable and highly effective. Your company definitely leaves beyond your competitors because they have not taken this advantage.

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