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News website

News website

You have done business for a long term but you are not successful. Have you ever looked back your business plans? 

Lợi ích to lớn của Website tin tức, giới thiệu dịch vụ của doanh nghiệp

We will show you the differences between a person doing business with website and another doing business without website, they do business with tradition methods...

Traditional business methos

New business methods

You are an owner or just start up your business

You need one or more shops and spaces

You need a website

Need staff

No need staff or need a few

Display products in showrooms. Products or services are limited in showrooms

Display services or products on websites via images. Does not limit displayed products or services

Work max 16 hours

Work 24/7 regardless rain or sun

Staff request salary increase, complain if they are not happy, or quit when they have experience and so on

Never request salary increase, give complaints, never lazy for work, always loyal

Limit business regions, limit customers

Does not limit business regions and customers.

If you failed to do business

You are not allowed to fail because you will lose a lot of things such as money, effort and time.

You can try because the losses are less

You lose all of your energy, and fell exhausted to continue.

You absolutely deal with this challenge because the losses are not significant. You also learn new business skills in modern era.


Please be advised LKV Solutions does not undervalue traditional business but we would like to combine both traditional model and new one to maximize benefits for businessmen.

Convenient features for website news:

1. Optimize SEO Onpage, promote products to Internet-user customers effectively. This is the key factor for Website Shop Online

  • Url Friendly
  • Optimize displayed contents such as Title Tag, Headlines, Sub-heaedlines, Anchor Text, Meta, Tags, Alt Text, and so on.
  • Optimize html and javascript code to speed up page loading to serve best for search engines
  • Integrate Cache for system to maintain web speed and stability.
  • Integrate Fanpage Facebook to increase Interactivity between system and users
  • Integrate Social buttons to easily share information about products to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +

2. Website interface is nice and luxurious

  • Professional Design group
  • The system is checked and selected seriously
  • Make differences for business

3. Website is designed  with modern trends

  • Website runs on PC, Laptop
  • Website runs on Tablet, Smartphone
  • Maximize customers who use and do not use mobile phones
  • Make differences for business

4. Does not limit news and services category

  • Laws
  • Services: Beauty care, Spa
  • Interior and Household appliances
  • Training and entertainment
  • Co-operation
  • Other ...
  • ...

5. Does not limit number of news in each news category:

  • Easily to add new information
  • Easily to edit information, images
  • Easily remove, turn on/off complaints
  • Add many images for 1 post, flexible to add title, alt tab in images, increase searching capacity for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.
  • Share information and services on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Zing me and so on to promote products to customers quickly.
  • Flexible to edit title, keyword, description and  son for each page to increase searching capacity for SEO.
  • ...

6. Security Functions

  • Server is installed with high security; Folders are decentralized appropriately
  • Validate data closely before saved at database
  • Use cancha code for confirmation prior submitting form
  • Apply advanced programming technique to prevent hackers from searching management source, admin accounts, SQL injection to attack, and so on.
  • LKV Solutions offers immediate support whenever the system errors occur
  • ...

7. Offer maximum support from experience experts

  • Manage system easily and flexibly
  • Give details in management of system
  • Continuously support whenever you have inquiry
  • Always listen to customers’ feedbacks to improve products and staff
  • Offer admin staff if you are too busy to take care of it
  • Ensure website to work properly

There is a very impressive quote LKV Solutions likes as follow:

 “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

Robertson Davies

Great potential from Website News will be developed maximum if you acknowledge its real values and explore them seriously and scientifically. Therefore, that customers contact you to order your products and services is a certainty.

Website tin tức

Your success is also our success too. Website News offered by LKV Solutions helps you get successful. It is LKV Solutions’ pleasure to contribute in your success.

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