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Upgrade M5 system

Upgrade M5 system

M5 System is on operatiions with a large number of users. So it requires professional and long-term period. So, how can we optimize the M5 system so that the system can have good policies and operate for a long time?

Tối ưu hệ thống sàn giao dịch tài chính cho nhận M5

Optimize M5 system helps it operate stably and long-term 

1. Regiter to become M5 member

ID card must be required and 1 ID for 1 account only in the system to prevent one person from having more than one accounts in M5 system, which causes the system broken.

2. Finance Transaction in M5 system

Money for transactions in the system M5 must be real and is used to transfered memberss in the system. This amount is not managed by the board (admin) because of inadequacies in the operation of the system as a dispute occurs. M5 system stops operations; members in the system may lose thier rights.

3. Do not integrate Commission of Paid Leg (Binary) or Indirect Commission (Sun) in the system

Why the Paid-leg commission isn’t integrated into the system in transactions M5 system? When commissions are paid to members too much while number of members of the system is too large, the system does not enough money to pay for members

As similar as Paid Leg commission (Binary), Indirect Commission (Sun) causes unbalance between the received Leg and paid Leg

Thus, companies should consider carefully when you would like to integrate MLM policies in M5 system.

4. Good policy for M5 system

Depending on giving package, we have to divide how Money for Receiving Leg is always bigger than amount the system has to give out.

5. Terms for blocking members who violate the M5 system policies

Terms which are applied for member’s shoud be flexible member to prevent violations and stimulate the stable participants in the system.

6. Security for M5 system

- Technology for programms good (Meet good security, speed, large amount of data stored in the database, infrastructure server for large projects)

- Integrated verify code sent to members’ phone when they make transactions in the system.

7. Community in M5 system

This is the factor that creats the high position, if you have a large member community (interacting with the larger community), it creates a sustainable system or does not entirely depend on the company who built up the system.

Hệ thống M5 là một sân chơi thực sự thú vị

M5 system is a very interesting filed


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To learn more about features of M5 system, you should visit

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