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Stair step software

Software for MLM stairsteps

In order to have a general view, let’s learn about MLM Stairtsteps

This business model suits for best retailers. If you are an excellent businessman and can broaden your business network, this model is more than perfect for you. When you join the system, if you are really good at business, you can develop your system broadenly, you will receive a huge benefit, and you do not have to depend on your upline.

If you are not a really excellent businessman, your business capacity is not really good; your connection and broadening downline is not impressive. Definitely you have a proplem. You joint the system; you have an excellent member while your capacity is not really good. Your member’s sales are much outperformed than yours. At that time, your member can separate your system. As a result, you do not get any benefits from this member.

Advantages of MLM stairsteps

You can do your business independently and are out of control of the upline. This system is best for active and excellent individuals. When you joint this system, you can do your business without control from your upline if you are really good.

You do business, it means you develop you own system (quite similar to build up your own company)
Because of ability to broaden your business network unlimitedly, this gives you a perfect chance to do business. If you have thousands of distributors under your system, this is more than perfect. 

Kinh doanh đa cấp theo mô hình bậc thang ly khai phù hợp với các cá nhân xuất sắc và năng động

Trading with MLM stairsteps best suits for dignamic and excellent individuals

Solution for MLM Stairsteps offered by LKV Solutions has outstanding functions as follows:

Website promotes and markets products

  • Manage news category
  • Manage news
  • Manage products category
  • Manage products
  • Manage Contact
  • Manage members
    • Applied for member with member code provided
    • Members can check products orders on web
    • Member can check Commisson on web
    • Check F1 member list
  • Encourage employee to work for Commission from total sales of paid leg
  • Do not limit depth of two legs so the more member you have the more commission you get. 
  • Intergrate SEO (Optimize search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on) to help company easily
  • Intergarte Web mobile to explore this potential market

Software for MLM Stairsteps – Administration at company

  • Manage customer service employees well ( These employees are created their accounts to support customers)
  • Fast speed
  • Programmed with technology Net Framework 4.5, ensure system security.

Phần mềm kinh doanh đa cấp mô hình bậc thang ly khai là công cụ tốt để phát triển kinh doanh

Nothing is better than your company own software for MLM Binary to develop your business.

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