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E-commerce solutions

E-commerce Solution

We may have heard much about e-commerce so what is e-commerce? 

Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. E-commerce helps businesses control tasks such as: Internetbanking, chain supply management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, inventory system management, automatic data collection system, and so on. 

Giải pháp thương mại điện tử

E-commerce has shown its affective business method on Internet such as: Marketing products with low cost still brings high potential customers sources; save cost for hiring staff; high security for system ensures business safety; customers can come from the world, which is a strong point of e-commerce. 

Values of e-commerce are only developed maximum when companies really understand e-commerce nature. And companies should learn about how business system on Internet is built up logically and standardly in order to run business smoothly and market products easily. 

E-commerce Forms

Based on each object of e-commerce, E-commerce is devided following popular forms: 

- B2B (business to business): Business to business 

- B2C (business to consumer): Business to consumer 

- B2G (business to government): Business to government 

- C2C (consumer to consumer): consumer to consumer 

- G2C (government to consumer): Government to consumer.

LKV Solutions offer e-commerce solutions with following main functions: 

Giải pháp thương mại điện tử

Manage shop

- Manage products category

- Manage products

- Manage orders from customers

- Manage customers

- Cart for online orders: Customers are preserved to add or remove products to their cart after they log in the system. Customer can make their payment online or in cash on delivery, which depends on the payment method they choose.

- Intergate online payment options (Delivery, ATM, payan, nganluong and so on)

- Advertise Web: The system is guaranteed for SEO factors in order to make sure for marketing products and service to customers.

- The admistrative system is simple and friendly to users. Staff of LKV Solutions will instruct you in details how to manage the system on handover. In case you do not want to manage system by your own, you can use our Update Web service.

- With young but experienced engineers team, LKV Solutions are willing to offer you the best solutions for your system whenever you have an inquiry on e-commerce solution. Please contact us and we will help you succeed.

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