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Booths website solutions

Solution for online shop web

 What is Online shop Web?

  • Where you can display, introduce and sell your products to customers via Internet applied for e-commerce. 
  • An online shop is for a private user or online shop owner
  • Online Shop Owner can do tasks such as: Add, remove, edit product information and so on. Update shop news, payment methods e.g: paypan, nganluong, baokim, and so on. or update account ‘s information and so on.

Giải pháp web gian hàng 

Functions of online shop website: 

Functions of system administrators: 

  • Configure operating parameters of the system
  • Record system members (account users): regular members, VIP member, show owners and so on. 
  • Upgrade membership: From regular to VIP members, from members to shop owner, and so on. 
  • Manage members: Remove members violated regulations. Update member profile in system. Remove or stop operations of shop owner if violated or she/he does not pay the usage fee. 
  • Manage transactions of members in system: Payment Process, Transaction History
  • Manage Product category: Can change by your own without limits of product category 
  • Manage products: Add, remove, and update product information. No limit is applied for number of products. 
  • Advertising management: Manage ads section, add, remove, edit or update the ads. 
  • Manage news: Manage newsgroup, news. 
  • ...

Functions of members: 

  • Register to become members
  • Edit member’s profile
  • Add, remove, edit products without limit for number of products
  • Manage ads
  • Manage job vacancy information
  • Manage orders
  • Make payment and record transaction history
  • Upgrade to VIP member or online shop owner. 
  • ...

Functions of online shop owner

  • Update shop owner’s profile
  • Change shop display
  • Manage introduction information and operation policy
  • Manage Contact
  • Manage orders and customers
  • Configure and choose method payment for your shop: Visa paypan, nganluong, baokim and so on. 
  • ....

Supportive functions for SEO to help search engines access your information quickly.

  • Url friendly
  • Optimize tabs such as Anchor Text, Meta Tags, Alt Text,...
  • Optimize code html, javacript to speed up page loading in order to help search engines access your system quickly. 

Above are main functions of online shop website. Depend on your actual demands, we can change or edit how to suit yours. Our system is developed freely. Therefore there is no limit for applicable functions to be broadened.

Please contact LKV Solutions to receive the best service for your system. Let us help you with your success.

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